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Selepas 1 tahun...
12:28:00 PM | Author: fimi
I just realized that this blog has not been updated for more than a year. ROPeans have been busy and no longer ride together. But, we had a chance to meet up again and ride at Qcells Cyberjaya. Tuan Hassan led the ride and I have to say that it was indeed a very nice trail... with decent downhill and a bit of technical here and there, thanks to our indecisive leader :p. Anyway, I am too lazy to write... so I'll let the picture do the talking.

 We started off from  Haidil's office at Puchong Perdana. About 4km tarmac to the Qcells trail.
 Irwan... all smiles... for now.
 Haidil... dengan posing mautnya
 The weather was perfect

 Qcells building in the background
 Irwan... jom berenang... air tenang ni.
 Haidil the sweeper... Sarjan Hassan the leader.

 Tak ingat nama bro ni pulak... kaki road.

 Tasik lagi... sejuk...

 Fancy a downhill

Definitely a repeat in the near future. This time, we only managed 15km due to leg muscle masih tegang lagi.. lama tak kayuh mah.